Nabor of Milan, Roman Soldier and Martyr
Narcissus, Bishop of Gerona, Martyr, Apostle to Augsburg
Narcissus, Bishop of Jerusalem
Natalia, Wife of St. Adrian and Martyr
Natalia of Cordoba. Virgin and Martyr
Nate (Nathy) of Achad (Achonry, Co. Sligo), Irish Bishop and Abbot
Nectarios of Aegina, Metropolitan of Pentopolis
Nectarius, Confessor, Companion of St. Austremonius
Neemtallah Kassab El Hardeeny (born Joseph Kassab), Maronite Priest
Neon, Martyred in Cappadocia, venerated in Langres
Nereus of Rome, Praetorian Guard, Martyr
Nerses, Armenian Catholicos
Nestor, Bishop of Magido
Nicander, Bishop of Myra, Martyr
Nicanor, one of the first seven deacons of Jerusalem
Nicasius, Bishop of Rheims, Martyr
Nicasius Jonson Van Heeze, Franciscan Priest, One of the 19 Martyrs of Gorkum
Nicephorus, Patriarch of Constantinople
Nicetas of Caesarea, Abbot of MedikiosNicetas of Remesiana, Bishop of Remesiana, Church Father, encouraged Latin Church music, composed the “Te Deum”
Nicetius (Nizier). Bishop of Lyon
Nicetius, Bishop of Trier
Nicholas Albergati, Bishop of Bologna
Nicholas of Cusa, Prince-Bishop of Brixen, philosopher, theologian, jurist, astronomer
Nicholas of Flue, Swiss Hermit
Nicholas of Myra (and Bari – “Santa Claus”) Bishop
Nicholas Owen, Jesuit Lay-brother, Builder of Priest Holes, Martyr
Nicholas Pelegrinus (the Pilgrim)
Nicholas of Pskov, Russian Fool for Christ
Nicholas of Tolentino, Augustinian Priest
Nicodemus the Pharisee
Nicodemus of Meteoron, Martyr
Nicomedes of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Nicola da Gesturi (Giovanni Angelo Salvatore Medda) Sardinian Capuchin
Nilos of Rossano “the Younger,” Abbot
Ninian of Whithorn “Candida Casa”, Bishop, Apostle to the Scots
Ninidh, Abbot of Lough Erne, Ireland
Nino, Virgin, Evangelizer of Georgia
Nonna of Nazianzus. Mother of Gregory of Nazianzus
Nonnosus, Benedictine Abbot
Norbert, Bishop of Magdeburg, Founder of the Norbertines (Premonstratensians)

Notker the Stammerer
Nostriano, Bishop of Naples
Notburga, Cook, Patroness of Servants and Peasants
Nunzio Sulprizio, Patron of Blacksmiths and the Disabled
Nympha, companion of Tryphon, Martyr