Aaron (Aihran) of Aleth, Brittany, Hermit
Aaron of Caerleon, Wales, Romano-Briton Soldier, Martyr
Abban, Abbot of Magheranoidhe (aka Abban of New Ross), in Ireland
Abdon, Martyr
Abel, Archbishop of Rheims
Abilius, 3rd Patriarch of Alexandria
Abraham of Smolensk, Abbot
Abundius, Martyr
Abundius, Bishop of Como
Abundinus, Martyr
Abra, Daughter of St. Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers
Absalom of Cappadocia, Martyr
Acacius (Acathius) of Cappadocia, Soldier, Martyred in Byzantium
Acharius, Bishop of Noyon and Tournai, Belgium
Acathius, Martyr
Acepsimas, Bishop of Hnaita, Western Persia, Martyr
Achius, Martyr
Achilleus of Rome, Praetorian Guard, Martyr
Acindynus, Persian Martyr
Acindynus of Thrace, Martyr
Acislo, Martyr of Cordoba
Adalar, Benedictine Companion of St. Boniface, Martyr
Adalbald of Ostrevant, Martyr
Adalbert (Voitech) Bishop of Prague and Martyr
Adam, Abbot of San Sabino Monastery in Fermo, Italy
Adela, Matron, Mother of St. Trond
Adelaide, Empress
Adelfa Soro de Nuestra Senora del Rosario, Dominican Nun, Martyr
Adelgunde (Aldegundis), Founding Abbess of Maubeuge
Adeltrudis, Countess of Aurillac, Mother of St. Gerald
Aderald of Troyes, Canon and Archdeacon
Adrian III, Pope
Adrian, Soldier and Martyr
Adriana of Frisia, Virgin and Martyr
Adolph, Martyr
Adulph, English Auxiliary Bishop of Maestricht
Aelred (Ethelred) Cistercian, Third Abbot of Rievaulx, Yorkshire, England
Aemiliana of Rome, Virgin, Aunt of Pope Gregory the Great
Aemilianus, Irish Abbot of Legny
Aemilius (Emilio) Martyr
Aengus the Culdee, Author of the Martyrology of Tallaght
Aetherius, Martyr
Aetherius, Bishop of Vienne
Afra, Virgin martyred at Augsburg
Agabus of Antioch, New Teatament Prophet
Agabus, Bishop of Novara
Agapitus of Rome, Pope
Agapitus, Bishop of Ravenna
Agapitus, Martyr
Agapitus of Caesarea, Martyr
Agapitus of Palestrina, Martyr
Agatha of Catania, Virgin and Martyr
Agathangelus, Martyr
Agatho, Pope
Agathonia, Martyr
Agathpodes, Deacon, Martyred in Thessaloniki
Agilbert, Bishop of Angers
Agileus, Martyred at Carthage
Agilus (Ayeul), Abbot of Rebais (near Paris)
Agnellus of Naples, Abbot
Agnellus, Archbishop of Ravenna
Agnes of Bohemia (Agnes of Prague), Princess and Poor Clare Abbess
Agnes of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Agnes of Montepulciano, Dominican Prioress
Agnes of Poitiers, St. Radegund’s adopted daughter, 1st Abbess of Holy Cross Convent
Agoardus, Martyr
Agricola, Bishop (either of Avignnon or Nevers)Agricola, Martyr of Pannoia
Agrippina of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Agrippina of Mineo, Sicily, Virgin and Martyr
Agrippinus, Bishop of Naples
Aibert, Benedictine Hermit
Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne
Ailbe, (Elvis) Irish Bishop of Emly
Airald, Bishop of st. Jean-de-Maurienne
Alain (Alan, Allen), Abbot of Lavaur in Gascony
Alain de Solminiihac, Augustinian Bishop of Cahors
Alaric of Ufnau, Swiss Priest and Hermit
Alban, Soldier, Protomartyr of England
Alberic, Co-founder of the Cistercian Order
Alberic Crescitelli, Italian Missionary, Martyred in China
Albert Avogadro, Patriarch of Jerusalem, Co-founder of the Carmelite Order
Albert of Bergamo, Married, third order Dominican, Confessor
Albert the Great, Dominican Bishop of Magdeburg and Doctor of the Church
Albert, Count of Haigerloch
Albert of Louvain, Cardinal Bishop of Liege, Martyr
Albertina Berkenbrock, Young Woman Martyred in Brazil
Alberto Marvelli, Head of Catholic Action in Italy
Albina of Formio, Virgin and Martyr
Albinus (Albino), Bishop of Vercelli
Alburga, First Abbess of Wilton
Alcuin of York, Abbot of Tours, Head of Charlemagne’s School at Aachen
Aldebrandus (Hildebrand) of Fossombrone, Abbot of Rimini
Aldegund, Adelgund, Foundress and First Abbess of Maubeuge, Hainault
Aldegonde, Virgin, Abbess of Mons, Sister of Waldetrude
Aldhelm, Abbot of Malmesbury, Bishop of Sherborne, England
Alena of Dielbeck, Brabant, Virgin and Martyr
Alexander Akimetes (the Sleepless One) Founder of the Sleepless One monks
Alexander Carbonera, Bishop and Martyr
Alexander, Patriarch of Constsntinople
Alexander of Drizipara (Thrace), Soldier and Martyr
Alexander, Patriarch of Alexandria
Alexander, Martyr
Alexander, Martyr
Alexander, Martyred at Antwerp
Alexander I, Pope and Martyr
Alexander of Carthage, Martyr
Alexander Nevsky, Greatest Hero of Rus’
Alexander of Pydna, Macedonia, Soldier and Martyr
Alexander Sauli, Bishop, Apostle of Corsica
Alexandra of Egypt, Solitary
Alexis of Rome, Confessor
Alexis Falconieri, one of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Alfred the Great, King of Wessex
Alfred Pampalon, Canadian Redemptorist Priest, patron of alcoholics and drug addicts
Alfons (Joseph) Maria Mazurek, Polish Carmelite Priese, Murdered by the Nazis
Alfonso (Alphonsus) Pacecho, Jesuit Priest, Martyred in India
Alice of Scherbeck, Cisterician Nun
Allaume of Burgos, French Soldier, Spanish Benedictine
Alodia of Huesca, Martyr of Cordoba
Aloysius Gonzaga, Jesuit Novice
Aloysius (Luigi) Guanella, Priest, Founder of the Servants of Charity and the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence
Alphaeus of Caesarea in Palsetine, Martyr
Alphonsa Muttathupadathu, Poor Clare Nun, first canonized Indian saint
Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, Bishop and Doctor of the Church, Founded the Redemptorists
Alphonsus (Alonzo) Rodriguez, Jesuit Lay Brother
Altfrid (Alfred), Bishop of Hildesheim
Altmann, Bishop of Passau

Alvaro of Cordoba, Dominican Prior
Alypius, Bishop of Tagaste in North Africa
Amadeus IX, Duke of Savoy
Amalia (Amalburga) Abbess of Rodin
Amand (Amandus), Bishop of Bordeaux
Amand (Amandus) Bishop of Rennes, BrittanyAmand (Amandus), Bishop of Maestricht, Apostle to Flanders
Amandus, Bishop of Worms
Amantia, Martyr
Amantius, Bishop of Como
Amasius, Bishop of Teano, Italy
Amata, Martyr
Amator, Martyred in Alexandria
Amatus, Solider, Martyred at Nyon (Neuss) on Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Ambrose, Bishop of Milan and Father of the Church
Amelberga (Amalberga) of Rodin, Flanders, Virgin
Amon, Egyptian Abbot
Anacleto Gonzalez Flores, Mexican Layman, Cristero Martyr
Anacletus, Pope and Martyr
Ananias (Hananiah) of Damascus, Bishop and Martyr, who baptized St. Paul
Anastasia of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Anastasia the Patrician of Constantinople, Hermitess
Anastasia of Sirmium, Virgin and Martyr
Anastasius I, Patriarch of Antioch
Anastasius, Bishop of Brescia
Anastasius, First Archbishop of Hungary, Friend of St. Stephen of Hungary
Anastasius the Persian, Martyr

Anastasius XVIII, Archbishop of Sens
Anatolia of Thora, on Lake Velino, Italy, Martyr
Anatolius, Bishop (either of Constantinople or of Laodicia)
Anatolius, Bishop of Milan
Anathoile-Francoise Thoulier, Poor Clare Mystic
Andre (Arnold) Bessette, Canadian Holy Cross Brother
Andrea Dotti, Servite Priest
Andrei Rublev, Russian monk, great Iconographer
Andreas Wouters (Walter), Secular Priest, one of the 19 Martyrs of Gorkum
Andreas Sola y Molist, Mexican Claretian Priest, Cristero Martyr
Andrew the Apostle
Andrew Avellino (baptized “Lancelot”), Theatine Priest
Andrew Bobola, Jesuit Priest, Martyr
Andrew Calibita
Andrew Corsini, Carmelite Bishop of Fiesole
Andrew, Archbishop of Crete
Andrew Hubert Fournet, Priest, Co-founder of the Daughters of the Cross
Andrew Kim Taegon, Jesuit Priest, First Korean Priest, Martyr
Andrew of Montereale, Augustinian Priest
Andronicus, Martyr
Anectus of Cesarea, Martyr
Angadrisma, daughter of Bishop Robert I of Tours, Abbess of Oroce-des-Vierges
Angela of the Cross, Spanish Carmelite Mystic
Angela of Foligno
Angela Merici, Foundress of the Ursulines
Fra Angelico (Fra Giovanni da Fiesole, born Guido di Pietro) Dominican Renaissance artist
Angelina, Despotissa, Albanian Queen of Serbia, Matron
Angelo of Furcio, Augustinian Priest
Angelo Paoli, Carmelite Priest
Angelus (Angelo) of Jerusalem (of Sicily), Carmelite Martyred in Sicily
Angus McNisse (Macinisius), 1st Bishop/Abbot of Kells, appointed by St. Patrick
Anianus, Second Patriarch of Alexandria
Anianus (Aignan), Bishop of Orleans, Confessor
Anicetus, Pope
Ann Lyne, Martyred under Queen Elizabeth I
Anna, Grand Duchess of Novgorod, Grand Princess of Kiev
Anna Schaeffer. Bavarian Mystic and Stigmatic
Anna Maria Taigi, Widow, Prophet
Anne, Mother of Our Lady
Anne Catherine Emmerich, Augustinian nun, ecstatic, stigmatic
Anne-Marie Javouhey, Nun, Foundress of the Institute of St. Joseph of Cluny
Anne of St. Bartholomew, dear friend and secretary of Teresa of Avila
Annibale (Hanibal) Maria di Francia, Priest, Servant of the Poor
Anno II, Archbishop of Cologne
Anonimus, Martyr
Anselm, Martyr
Anselm, Abbot of Fanano
Anselm, Abbot of NonatolaAnselm, Archbishop of Canterbury and Doctor of the Church
Ansfrid, Count and Bishop of Utrecht
Ansgar (Oscar), Archbishop of Bremen, Apostle to Scandinavia
Ansovinus, Bishop of Camerino
Ansurio (Iscarus), Bishop of Orense, Spain
Anthelm, Carthusian Bishop of Belley
Anthimus of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Antipas, First Pishop of Pergamon, martyr mentioned in Revelation 2
Antonina of Nicaea, Martyr
Antoninus, Dominican Archbishop of Florence
Antonius, Martyr
Antholin (Anatolianus) of Palmiers, Martyr
Anthony Claret, Archbishop of Havana and Founder of the Claretians
Anthony of Amandola, Augustinian Priest
Anthony Baldinucci, Jesuit Priest, Preacher of Missions
Anthony dei Vici, of Stroncone, Franciscan Lay Brother
Anthony Mary Gianelli, Bishop of Bobbio
Anthony the Great of Egypt, Abbot
Anthony of Kiev, Co-Founder of Kiev’s Monastery of the Caves
Anthony of Lerins, Hermit
Anthony of Padua, Franciscan Priest
Anthony Maria Pucci, Confessor
Anthony Fernandez, Jesuit Lay Brother
Anthony Francisco, Jesuit Priest, Martyred in India
Anthony Neyrot, Dominican Priest, Martyr
Anthony, Abbot of Siya, Novgorod
Anthony Turner, English Jesuit Priest, Martyr
Anthony Maria Zaccaria, Priest, Founder of the Barnabites
Anthusa of Mantinea, Byzantine Abbess
Anthusa of Constantinople, Princess, Founding Abbess of the Omona Monastery
Antiochus of Anastasiopolis, Martyr
Antoine Daniel, Jesuit Priest, One of the North American Martyrs
Antonia, Martyr
Antonius Van Hoornaar, Franciscan Priest, one of the 19 Martyrs of Gorkum
Antoninus, Dominican Archbishop of Florence
Antoninus, Archbishop of Milan
Aphraates (Pharhadh) Persian Sage, Bishop
Aphrodise (Aphrodisius), First Bishop of Beziers, Martyr
Apollinaris, Bishop of Hierapolis
Apollinaris, First Bishop of Ravenna and Martyr
Apollinaris Syncletica of Egypt, Virgin
Apollonia of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr
Apollonius of Alexandria, Priest, Martyr
Apollonius the Apollogist, Roman Senator and Martyr
Apphianus of Casearea, Martyr
Apuleius of Rome, Martyr
Aquillina of Byblos, Virgin and Martyr
Aquillinus, Bishop of Evreux
Arcacius, Bishop of Militene, Armenia
Archangelo Canetuli, Augustinian Canon, died as Archbishop-elect of Florence
Aretas of Najran, Arabia, Martyr

Arialdo da Carimate of Milan
Aristides of Athens, Apologist, Martyr
Aristo of Alexandria, Priest, Martyr
Ariston of Porto, Martyr
Arialdus, Deacon and Martyr
Armel of Brittany, Abbot of Saint-Armel-des-Boscheaux and Plou-Remel Monasteries
Armentarius, Bishop of Pavia
Arminius, Martyred with his mother in Egypt
Armogastes, Vandal Courtier, Martyr
Arnold (Arnulph), Bishop of Soissons
Arnold Janssen, Priest, Founder of the Divine Word Missionaries
Arnulph, Bishop of Metz
Arquinimus, Vandal Companion of Armogastes, Martyr
Arsenius the Great, Roman Deacon, Imperial Tutor, Hermit in Egypt
Artaldus, Bishop of Belley
Artemas, Martyred in Puozzoli
Arthemia, Martyr
Asaph, Bishop of St. Asaph, Wales
Asella of Rome, Virgin and Hermitess
Assicus (Asaco), Bishop of Elphin, Roscommon, Ireland
Assunta Maria Pallotta, Nun, Missionary to ChinaAssociatus, Martyr
Aspren, First Bishop of Naples
Aspretanus, Bishop of Naples
Asteria of Bergamo, Virgin and Martyr
Asterius of Ostia, Martyr
Asterius, Bishop of Petra, Arabia
Athanasia, Martyr
Athanasios of Athos, Monk, Founder of Mount Athos
Athanasius, Patriarch of Alexandria and Father of the Church
Athenodorus of Mesopotamia, Syrian Monk, Martyr
Atilano Cruz Alvarado, Mexican Priest, Cristero Martyr
Atilano, First Bishop of Zamora
Attala, Alsatian Abbess
Attalus, Second Abbot of Bobbio
Atto, Bishop of Pistoia, Italy
Attracta (Adracht) Killlaraght, Irish Abbess
Aubin (Albinus), Bishop of Angers
Audactus, Martyr
Auditor, Confessor, Companion of St. Austremonius
Audomarus (Omer), Bishop of Thérouanne
Augustin Caloca Cortes, Mexican Priest, Cristero Martyr
Augustine, Archbishop of Canterbury
Augustine, Bishop of Hippo and Father of the Church
Augustina Pietrantoni, Sister of Charity, Murdered at Santo Spirito Hospital, Rome
Augustus, Martyr
Augustus (Augustine) Tolton, African American Chicago Priest
Aurea of Cordoba, Virgin and Martyr
Aurea (Oria) of San Millan, Spanish Anchoress
Aurelia, Virgin and Martyr
Aurelia of Strasbourg, Virgin and Hermitess
Aurelius, Martyr
Aurelius, Bishop of Carthage, Martyr
Aurelius of Cordoba, Martyr
Aurelius, Bishop of LePuy
Aurora, Virgin and Martyr
Austindus, Bishop of Auch
Austreberta, Benedictine Abbess of Pavilly, Normandy
Austregisil (Outrille), Bishop of Bourges
Austremonius, Bishop and Martyr, Apostle to Auvergne
Austrufle, Abbot of Fontenelle
Autbert, Bishop of Avranches
Auxentius of Bithynia, Syrian Hermit
Aventor, Martyr, Patron of Turin
Avertanus, Carmelite Lay Brother
Avertinus of Troyes
Avertinus of Vencay, English Gilbertine Hermit (friend of Thomas a Becket)
Avitus, Martyr
Avitus, Bishop of Vienne
Aya, Matron, patroness of lawsuits
Azarias, Martyr
Azelia (Zelie) Guerin Martin, Mother of St. Therese of Lisieux