Maanahem, relation of King Herod
Macarius of Ghent,
Macarius the Great (the Elder), Abbot of Skete, Egypt
Macarius, Martyr
Macarius, Patriarch of Jerusalem
Macarius, a Lybian martyred in Alexandria
Macarius of Kanev (of Ordez), Founder of the Church of the Dormition in Ordez
Machar, Bishop of Aberdeen, Apostle of the Picts
Machutus, Welsh Bishop of Aleth (Maclou or Malo of Brittany)
Macra (Magra), Virgin martyred near Rheims
Macrna the Elder, Grandmother of Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, & Peter of Sebaste
Macrina the Younger, Church Mother, sister of Basil, Gregory of Nyssa, & Peter of Sebaste
Madeleine Sophie Barat, Foundress of the Madames of the Sacred Heart
Magdalena Atridino
Magdalena of Nagasaki, third order Augustinian, Virgin and Martyr
Magdalene of Cannossa, Foundress of the Connossan Daughters of Charity
Maginus of Tarragona, Hermit, Martyr, Apostle of Tarragona and its Patron Saint
Magloire, Bishop of Dol in Brittany
Magnus, Governor of the Orkneys and Martyr
Magnus of Rome, Deacon and Martyr
Magnus, Bishop of Trani, Martyr
Majolus (Mayeul), African Martyr
Majora, Martyr
Malachy O’More, Archbishop of Armagh and Cistercian
Malard (Malchard), Bishop of Chartres
Mamas of Caesarea, Martyr
Mamertus, Archbishop of Vienne
Mande (Manudez)
Manequilda of Chalons, Virgin
Manettus dell’ Antella, One of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Mansuetus, Archbishop of Milan
Mansuetus (Mansuy), First Bishop of Toul
Manuel, Martyr
Manuel Gonzalez Garcia, Bishop of Palencia
Manuel Moralez, Mexican Layman, Husband and Father, Cristero Martyr
Marana of Berea, Syrian Ascetic Virgin
Marcelina Kotowicz Darowska, Co-foundress of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception
Marcellian, Martyr
Marcellianus, Martyr
Marcellin Champagnat, Priest, Founder of the Marist Brothers
Marcellina of Trier, Virgin, Sister of St. Ambrose
Marcellinus, Pope and Martyr
Marcellinus of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Marcellinus, Bishop of Embrun
Marcellinus, Bishop of Puy-en-Velay
Marcellus I, Pope
Marcellus of Capua, Martyr
Marcellus of Rome, Martyr
Marcellus of Tangier, Soldier and Martyr
Marchelmus, Bishop
Marciana of Albi, Virgin
Marciana of Mauretania, Virgin and Martyr
Marcianus, First Bishop of Tortona, Martyr
Marcianus, Syrian Hermit
Marculf (Marcouf), Abbot of Nantes
Marek Krizin (Korosy of Krizevacanin), Croatian Priest, Martyred in Košice, Slovakia
Margaret (Marina) of Antioch, Virgin and Martyr
Margaret Mary Alacoque, Visionary Nun of the Visitation Order
Margaret Clitherow, Lay Woman, Martyred in York
Margaret of Cortona, Penitent, Franciscan Nun
Margaret of Hungary, Princess, Dominican Nun
Margaret Plantagenet Pole, Countess of Salisbury, Martyr
Margaret Sinclair (Mary Frances of the Five Wounds), Scottish Poor Clare
Margaret, Queen of Scotland
Margaret Ward, English Martyr
Marguerite Bourgeoys, Founders of the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame
Marguerite D’Youville, Widow, Foundress of the Grey Nuns, Canada’s First Saint
Maria of the Angels (Maria Fontanella), Carmelite Nun
Maria Assunta Pallotta, Franciscan of Mary, Missionary to China
Maria Bertilla Boscardin, Nursing Nun, Member of the Teachers of St. Dorothy
Maria De La Cabeza, Wife of St. Isidore the FarmerMaria Di Mattias, Foundress of the Adorers of the Precious Blood
Maria (Paula) di Rosa, Superior of the Handmaids of Charity
Maria Gabriella Sagheddu, Italian Trappistine Nun
Maria Goretti, Martyr
Maria Maravillas de Jesus, Discalced Carmelite Nun
Maria Sagrario de San Luis Gonzaga, Spanish Carmelite Prioress, Martyr
Maria Teresia Ledóchowska, Foundress of the Sodality of St. Peter Claver for the African Missions and the Liberation of Slaves
Maria Josefa (Benedetta) Rossello, Foundress of the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy
Maria Josefa of the Heart of Jesus, Sancho de Guerra, First Basque Saint
Maria Angela (Sophia Camille) Truszkowska, Foundress of the Felician Sisters
Maria Rosa Flesch
Maria Vicenta de Santa Dorotea Chavez Orozco, Mexican Foundress of the Servants of the Holy Trinity and the Poor
Mariam of Jesus Crucified Bouardy, Carmelite Mystic
Marian (Marianus), Lector, Martyr of Numidia, Companion of St. James
Marianus, Bishop of Syracuse
Marie Anne (Esther) Blandin, Canadian, Foundess of the Sisters of St. Anne
Marie-Anne Piedcourt, “Sister of Jesus Crucified”, eldest of the Martyred Carmelites of Compiegne
Marie Celine (Jeanne-Germaine) Chastang, Poor Clare Nun
Marie-Eugenie de Jesus Milleret de Brou, Foundress of the Religious of the Assumption
Marie Leonie (Alodie) Paradis, Foundress of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family (Canada)
Marie d’Oignies of Nivelles, Beguine
Marie-Euphrasie Pelletier, Foundress of the Institute of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
Marie of the Incarnation (Barbara Acarie) Brought the Discalced Carmelites to France
Marie Joseph Cassant, Trappist Priest
Marie Rivier, Foundress of the Sisters of the Presentation
(Marietta) Maria Terese Fasce of Cascia, Augustinian Nun
Marina of Omura, Japanese Dominican Tertiary, Martyr
Marino, Deacon and Stone-carver, Patron of San Marino
Marinus, Martyr
Marinus or Rome, Martyr
Marinus, Hermit, Patron of San Marino
Marius, Persian Martyr
Mark the Evangelist
Mark, Martyr
Mark, Martyr
Mark, Pope
Marolas, Bishop of Milan, Martyr
Maron, Syrian Monk, Founder of the Maronites
Marquard, Bishop of Hildesheim, Martyr
Martha of Bethany (vestibule of the large church and under her painting)
Martial, First Bishop of Limogues
Martianus, Bishop of Benevento
Martin I, Pope
Martin de Porres, Dominican Lay Brother
Martin, Bishop of Braga
Martin, Bishop of Tours
Martin of Vertou, Abbot
Martin, Bishop of Vienne
Martina of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Martinian of Caesarea, Palestinian Hermit, died in Athens
Martha of Bethany
Martha of Persia, Virgin and Martyr
Martyred Benedictine Monks of El Pueyo
Martyrs of the Armenian Holocaust of 1915
Martyrs of Antioch
    Romanus, Deacon
     Zacchaeus, Deacon
    Alphaeus, Lecton and Exorcist
Martyred in Asia
    Theophane Venard – China
    Gabriel Dufresse – China
    Agatha Lim – China
    Augustine Schoeffler – Viet Nam
    Etienne Cuenot – Viet Nam
    Andrew Kim – Korea
    Just de Bretenieres – Korea
    Pierre Maubert – Korea
    Jacques Chastain – Korea
    Jean Louis Bonnard - KoreaMartyred Family from Attala, Asia Minor
    Hesperus (father)
    Zoe (mother)
    Cyriacus (son)
    Theodulus (son)
Martyrs of Campania
Martyrs of Carthage
Martyrs of Crete
Martyrs of Cuncolim, India, July 15, 1583
    Rudolph (Rodolfo) Aquaviva, Jesuit Missionary Priest
    Peter Berno
    Alphonsus (Alfonso) Pacheco
    Anthony Francis
    Francis Aranha
Martyrs from Egypt
Martyr of Gorkum
3 Carmelite Martyrs of Guadalajara
    Maria Pilar of St. Francis Borgia
    Teresa of the Infant Jesus
    Maria Angeles of St. Joseph
Martyr of Trier
Martyrs, 10,000 of Persia
Martyrs of Nowogrodek, Poland, sisters (11 Holy Family of Nazareth Sisters)
    Adela Mardosewicz (M. Stella) Superior, age 54
    Anna Kokolowicz (M. Rajmunda) age 50
    Jadwiga Karolina Zak (M. Imelda) age 50
    Eleonora Aniela Jozwik (M. Daniela) age 48
    Jozefa Chrobot (M. Kanuta) age 47
    Helena Cierpka (M. Gwidona) age 43
     Julia Rapiej (M. Sergia) age 42
    Eugenia Mackiewicz (M. Kanizja) age 39
    Paulina Borowik (M. Felicyta) age 37
    Leokadia Matuszewska (M. Heliodora) age 37
    Weronika Narmontowicz (M. Boromea) age 26
Martyrs of Otranto
Martyrs of the 1871 Paris Commune
    Archbishop Georges Darboy of Paris
    Father Planchat
    Abbe’ Deguerry, Pastor of La Madeleine
    Abbe’ Becourt
    Father Rouchouse
    Abbe’ Sabatier
    Father Tufier
    Father Radigue
    Abbe’ Houillon
    Father Tardieu
    Abbe’ Olivaint
    Father Ducoudray, part of his cassock worn in prison, April & May, 1871
    Father Caubert
    Father Brouard
    Father Clerc
    Father Neomede
    Abbe’ Seigneuret
    Father De BenguyMartyrs of the Paris Commune – 5 Jesuit Priests
    Pierre Olivaint
    A. Clerc
    L .Ducoudray
    J. Caubert
    A. De Bengny
Martyrs of Pratulin (13) Wincenty Lewoniuk and his Companions
Scillitan Martyrs
Martyrs of Sebaste
Martyrs of Segovia
Martyrs of Shanxi, China, sisters (7 Franciscan Missionaries of Mary)
    Anna Dierk (Maria Adolphina)
    Anne Moreau (Marie of Saint-Just)
    Clelia Nanetti (Maria Clara)
    Irma Grivot (Marie Ermellina of Jesus)
    Jeanne-Marie Kuergin (Marie of Sainte-Nathalie)
    Marianna Giulianni (Maria of Peace)
    Pauline Jeuris (Marie Amandine)
Martyrs of Spoleto
Martyrs of Talavera
Martyrs of Thailand
    Philip Siphong, “the man of oak”, lay religious leader of Songkhon
    Agnes Phila, nun, a member of the Congregation of the Lovers of the Cross
    Lucia Khambang, nun, a member of the same congregation
    Agatha Phutta, unmarried woman, helper in the kitchen
    Bibiana Khamphai, age fifteen
    Maria Phon, age fourteen
    Cecilia Butsi, age sixteen
Martyrs of Tripoli
Martyrs of Vietnam
    Peter DuMoulin Borie, French Bishop
    Jean Charles Cornay, French Priest
    Jean Louis Bonnard, Frech Priest
    Augustin Schoeffer, French Priest
    Francois Jaccard, French Priest
    John Gabriel Perboyre, French Priest
    Peter Le Tuy, Priest
    Martin Ta Du Thih, Priest
    Peter Nguyen Dich Laic, Priest
    Peter Truong Van Duong, Catechist
Martyrs of Vietnam
    Valentine Berriochoa, O.P., Basque Bishop
    Jacinto Castaneda, O.P., Spanish Priest
    Peter Almato’ i. Ribera, O.P., Catalonian Priest
    Jerome Hermosilla, Spanish Bishop
    Matthew Alonzo Leziniona, O.P., Spanish Priest
    Vicente Liem de la Paz
    Joseph Khang, physician
    Francis Gil de Federich, O.P., Catalonian Priest
    Joseph Canh Luang Hoang
    Joseph Vien Dinh Dang
    Thomas De Van Nguyen
    DomMartyrs of Vietnam
    Pierre Dumoulin-Borie
    Luke Loan Ba Vu
    Simon Hoa Dac Phan
    John Baptist Con
    Martin Thinh Duc Ta
    Andrew Dung-Lac An Tran
     Father Francois-Isidore Gagelin
     Peter Duone Van Truong
     Matthew Gam Van Le
    Peter Thi Van Truong Phan
    Joseph Uyen Dinh Nguyen
    Father Jean Charles Cornay
Maruthas, Bishop of Maiperkat (Tagrit), Mesopotamia
Mary of Bethany
Mary Catherine Kasper
Mary of Cleophas
Mary of the Divine Heart (Maria Droste zu Vischering) Sister of the Good Shepherd
Mary of Edessa, Syria, Harlot, Penitent
Mary of Egypt, Penitent
Mary Theresa (Josephine) Dudzik, Foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago
Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad, Foundress, Returned the Brigittines to Sweden
Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostles
Mary Magdalene dei Pazzi, Carmelite Mystic
Mary Magdalene (Julia Frances Catherine) Postel, Foundress of the Daughters of Mercy
Massabki Brothers, 3 Maronite Martyrs
Mary Mazzarello, Foundress of the Salesian Sisters
Mateo Correa Magallanes, Priest, Cristero Martyr
Matilda, Queen of Germany
Matrona of Moscow
Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist
Matthew Talbot, Patron of Alcoholics
Matthia De Nazzarei, Poor Clare Abbess
Matthias the Apostle
Matthias Molumba, Ugandan Martyr
Matthias, Patriarch of Jerusalem
Maternus, Bishop of Cologne
Maternus, Bishop of Milan
Maudentius (Maudez), Irish Abbot
Maughold (Macaldus), Former Pirate, Bishop, Patron of the Isle of Man
Maura of Ireland, Martyr
Maura of Troyes, Virgin and Martyr
Maura, Scottish Princess, martyred in Picardy with her sister Brigid (Britta)
Maurice, Solider and Martyr
Maurus, Bishop of Casana
Maurus, Benedictine Abbot of Subiaco
Maxima, Martyr
Maxima, Virgin and Martyr
Maximianus, Bishop of Bagai, North Africa
Maximianus, Archbishop of Ravenna
Maximianus, Bishop of Syracuse
Maximilia, Martyr
Maximilian (Raymond) Kolbe, Conventual Franciscan Priest, Martyred in Auschwicz
Maximilian of Tebessa, Martyr, Numidian Soldier, Conscientious Objector
Maximus of Cuma, Martyr
Maximus the Confessor (Homologetes), Abbot and Father of the Church
Maximus, Patriarch of Jerusalem
Maximus, Bishop of Mainz
Maximus, 4th Bishop of Nola
Maximus, Bishop of Turin
Mayeul, Abbot of Cluny
Mechtilde (Matilda) of Hackeborn, Benedictine Nun of Helfta convent, Mystic
Medard, Bishop of Noyon and Tournai
Mederic (Merry) Abbot
Méen, (Mevennus), Welsh Abbot, who founded the St. Méen Abbey in Brittany
Meinrad of Einsiedeln, Swiss Hermit
Melanius (Melaine), Bishop of Rennes
Melaine (Melanius), Bishop of Vannes, Brittany
Melania the Younger
Melanippus, Martyr
Melanius, BishopMelas (Melantius), Bishop of Rhinolura
Melchior Grodecz (Grodziecky), Czech Jesuit Priest, martyred in Košice, Slovakia
Meletius, Patriarch of Antioch
Melito, Bishop of Sardis, Father of the Church
Menas, Patriarch of Constantinople
Menehould, Virgin
Mercurial, Bishop of Forli
Mercurius of Cappadocia, Soldier, the Great Martyr
Meritus of Mauretania, Soldier and Martyr
Mederic (Merry), Monk and Hermit
Mesrop Mashtotz, Armenian Monk, Creator of the Armenian Alphabet
Methodius, Bishop, Brother of Cyril, Missionary to the Slavs
Methodius of Olympus, Bishop, Church Father, Martyr
Metron of Verona, Priest
Metrophanes of Byzantium, First Patriarch of Constantinople
Michal Tomaszek, Conventual Franciscan Priest, Martyr
Michael of Klopov, Russian Fool for Christ
Michael Rua, Salesian Priest, dear friend of St. John Bosco
Michael de Sanctis, Trinitarian Priest and Ecstatic
Michael Syncelle, Monk at St. Sabas, Jerusalem
Michael Joseph McGivney, American Priest, Founder of the Knights of Columbus
M. Michaela Desmaisieres y Lopez de Dicastillo, Foundress of the Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament
Mikhail Yaroslavich, Prince of Tver, Martyr
Miguel Augustin Pro, Mexican Jesuit Martyr
Miguel De La Mora, Mexican Priest, Cristero Martyr
Miguel Febres Cordero, Ecuadoran Christian Brother
Miguel Gomez Loza, Mexican Layman, Cristero Martyr
Milburga, Abbess of Wenlock, sister of St. Mildred
Mildred, Benedictine Abbess of Minster-at-Thanet, Sister of St. Milburga
Miltiades (Melchiades), Pope and Martyr
Minias (Miniato) of Florence, Soldier, Martyr
Mirocles, First Archbishop of Milan
Miropa of Chios, Martyr
Mobilia, Martyr
Moderan (Moran), Bishop of Rennes, Brittany
Modestinus, Martyr
Modestus, Bishop of Trier
Modestus, Martyr
Molaise (Laserian), Irish Abbot of Leighlin, Co. Carlow
Moloc, Moluag, Lua of Lismore, Irish Abbot in Scotland
Monica, Widow and Mother of St. Augustine of Hippo
Moninne, Abbess of Killeavy, Ireland
Monon of Nassogne, Irish Hermit in Belgium, Martyr
Morandus, Benedictine Monk of Cluny
Morwenna of Cornwall, Hermitess
Moses the Ethiopian, Priest, Desert Father
Mummolus of Burdeos. Martyr
Mummolus of Noyon
Mustiola of Chiusi, Martyr
Mutien-Marie (Mucian Maria) Wiaux, Belgian Brother of Christian Schools
Mychal Judge, Franciscan Fire Chaplain, first registered victim of 9/11, “Saint of 9/11”
Myron (Miron), Bishop of Cyzicus, Martyr